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Volumetric Image Transfer Series, Session 3: Volumetric Image Transfer

Volumetric Image Transfer (2 Days Hands-on)

Prerequisite of the previous class, or a previous demonstration with Forrest + an exposed silk-screen.


This is it! Time to use the techniques we’ve been building to throughout the last two classes. Volumetric Image transfer is a unique method of surface treatment I developed while looking to add a greater depth and narrative element to my work. I have been developing and teaching these techniques for over ten years and am excited to share them with you. As the final class of a comprehensive workshop series, Volumetric Image Transfer is great for both potters and hand builders alike.

The use of a slab roller, tile extruder, and potters wheel will be available for this class.

Limit 8

*If Class 3 fills I will choose a second set of dates to teach the same workshop.

$200 class fee  |  $20 materials fee