6" Sound Wave Tile - Pattern #1 (1060Hz)


6" Sound Wave Tile - Pattern #1 (1060Hz)


(Pricing is per piece)
Size: 6"x6"
Colors: Cast Iron
Pattern #1 (1060 Hz)
For quantities over 200 please contact us directly.

Each tile is created by hand in my Petaluma, California studio, and fired using a technique exclusive within the industry. These tiles are unique, durable, and great for kitchen, bathroom, fireplaces, floors with light traffic, and more.

SOUND WAVE TILE: In 2017 I spent time experimenting with a Chladni plate, a metal plate balanced atop a tone generator that when dusted with sand, creates imagery through vibration. Particulate morphs smoothly, steadily changing into impeccable
new line images. Pattern transforms into new pattern with the smallest shifts
in frequency. The results are magical, beautiful, bold, and intriguing. Some equate
it to music, some science, and some find the process purely mystical. This process
was the perfect inspiration for our Sound Wave Tile series.

SHIPMENT: Please note these prices DO NOT include shipping. Once your order is placed we'll send you a separate shipping estimate. Once your order is fulfilled we'll send you a shipping bill to be paid in full before your order is shipped. If you would like a shipping estimate before placing an order please contact us directly.

TIMELINE: Please note that primarily our tile is custom and made to order. This means our average lead time is 4-6 weeks once your order is placed. We do however stock small quantities of tile, if your purchase is on hand it be shipped within 1-2 weeks. If you need to know exact production timelines please contact us before placing an order. 

DISCLAIMER: The color and surface of each tile may vary slightly as every tile is handmade, and fired in our Petaluma studio. Our unique process insures that the patina of each individual tile is reminiscent of time worn beauty while still maintaining a cohesive product. For large orders we recommend ordering a sample, as all sales are final. 

Please contact us at flmceramics@gmail.com if you have any additional questions or would like to order quantities over 200. 

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