FLM Ceramics and Tile now sells tile direct, from maker to customer. 
Making handmade tile is a very involved process. Before a single tile is made we develop an understanding of your needs; each commission starts with a conversation between you the customer, and us the maker. By selling our tile direct we have better communication with our clientele, allowing us to build relationships through trust and accountability, and ensuring we can make our revered handmade tile as affordable and accessible as possible. Contact us!



Since 2012, Forrest Lesch-Middelton has been making custom tile that graces homes, restaurants, kitchens, hotels, and businesses, internationally.
At FLM Ceramics we take pride in our work. Each tile is made, fired, and packed by skillful hands in our Petaluma, CA studio. Because each tile is made by hand the final results yield beautiful variation, with rich hues and textures giving new tile installations an immediate history in your life. 
We take pride in our communication and craftsmanship and would love to work with you to turn your vision into a reality. 


Getting started

FLM Ceramics makes unique and durable architectural tile in a variety of colors and patterns that elevate and beautify interiors.

Download our TILE CATALOG to see our standard patterns and color lines.

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